About Us

The Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group

The Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals working collaboratively to provide exceptional therapeutic and educational services to children and adults of the Greater DC community.

We treat the whole person.

Our team includes a broad range of therapeutic and educational expertise that allows us to serve children and adults with complex needs. Rather than refer clients to various providers in the community for supplemental treatment, our Wellness and Learning Group has the therapeutic and educational resources on hand to develop comprehensive, individualized remediation plans. Few other organizations in the DC area or elsewhere can claim the combined expertise of clinical psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, and tutoring within a small, community-focused organization.

The professionals at the Kingsbury Wellness and Learning Group set the standard for collaboration. If granted your permission, we will work closely with your doctor, educators, and other providers to ensure we are giving the best quality care in the most meaningful way.

Meet the Team


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact (202) 545-2410 or email us at referrals@kingsbury.org.