Speech & Language

Written and oral communication is one of the most central components of our daily lives. We rely on these skills so much that even minor deficits drastically alter our capacity to live, work, and learn to our full potential. Individuals managing ADHD, autism, and learning disorders also experience challenges in communication that often leave them feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Our skilled team of licensed speech and language pathologists provides a range of services to children and adults in the Greater Washington area, including consultations, evaluations, screenings, and treatment for individuals and groups. Take a moment to read through the different types of communication below and see if they match some of your concerns.

Receptive and Expressive Oral Language – Processing and responding, language comprehension, building a rich vocabulary, voice/fluency, storytelling, and other issues affecting spoken language

Pragmatic (Social) Language – Confidence in conversations, using and interpreting non-verbal language

Written Language – Phonemic awareness, speech sounds, sound-letter correspondence, spelling and reading, writing for school and non-academic purposes

Speech – Articulation and pronunciation, vocal quality, alternative communication systems, and help overcoming stuttering

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact (202) 545-2410 or email us at referrals@kingsbury.org.