The Yoga SPOT

Yoga offers a fun and noncompetitive space for self-discovery. Our certified children’s yoga instructors are also licensed Speech and Occupational Therapists (SPOT)!!! They use child-centered instruction to foster the development of coordination, language skills, mindfulness, social skills and emotional regulation.

Our inclusive classes are for children of all abilities ages 5-10. To learn more about The Yoga SPOT, we invite you to sign up for a free introductory yoga class or participate in our Sibling Yoga Workshop.

Cost of the 8-week yoga course = $160

All classes are limited in size and require a reservation. Please email to sign up.

Calendar of Events

August 25 Free Yoga Class
September 10 – October 29 Fall 8-week Course (Weekly 4:30-5:15)
October 27 Free Yoga Class
November 10 Sibling Yoga Workshop
January 12 Free Yoga Class
January 14 – March 4 Winter 8-Week Course (Weekly 4:30-5:15)
March 16 Free Yoga Class
March 25 – May 20 Spring 8-Week Yoga Course (Weekly 4:30-5:15)

Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga allows children to connect their minds and bodies to breathe, balance, move, and fly with the use of lycra hammocks suspended from the ceiling! Through aerial yoga, children build strength, confidence, coordination, social and self-regulation skills, all while having fun! Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience and sensory integration, our Aerial Yoga Program will provide your child with a unique and effective experience to increase brain organization and self-regulation.

Individual and small group lessons are available and open to students of ALL skill levels!
Contact for more information.

Jacquelyn Merlehan, OTR/L
Jacquelyn Merlehan, OTR/L –                  Occupational Therapist                          Jacquelyn aims to help kids find a sense of peace and acceptance, to feel empowered, and most of all, have fun!! She received her children’s yoga teacher training through YoKid, learning about traditional yoga philosophy and relevant poses for each stage of childhood development. Jacquelyn is also certified in Aerial Yoga, a practice that combines a suspended hammock, yoga, and dance to allow kids to perform sequences of poses in the air! She brings her background of occupational therapy and specialization in sensory integration to help children build coordination, mindfulness, confidence, and regulation through the practice of yoga.
Sasha Grunza
Sasha Grunza, CCC-SLP – Speech and Language Pathologist                           Sasha believes that yoga has something for everyone, from the shyest fifth grader to the biggest personality in Kindergarten! While training at Karma Kids Yoga in NYC, Sasha learned to “play yoga,” departing from the strict sequences commonly found in adult classes and embarking on yoga adventures to zoos, oceans, and even outer space! Her background in speech-language pathology helps Sasha encourage comprehension, verbalization, socialization, and much more.